How To Use This List

Dolania americana Dolania americana
Blackwater River, Florida (Artist: Arwin Provonsha)

In the species list, all valid species names are listed in alphabetical order along the left margin, first by family, then by genus under each family, then by species under each genus, and if subspecies are recognized then by subspecies under the species. Other names by which the valid species have also been known are also listed by genus and species under the valid name to which they apply. The subordinate name equivalents appear in indented lists. All names, valid or subordinate, are followed by the actual author of that name and the date that name was published.

Such precise documentation allows users to search any name ever used in published form for any North American mayfly species, including homonyms (the same names used for different species), and thus determine both current and historical usage. Codes and abbreviations incorporated into the list are explained in Geographic Coverage and Abbreviations Defined.