Prospective Students

I am interested in recruiting enthusiastic MS and PhD students to my research program; please contact me for more information about these opportunities. Highly motivated applicants are encouraged to pursue a Fred M. van Eck Scholarship through the Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center (HTIRC).  Competitive graduate assistantships and fellowships are also available through the College of Agriculture and the Departments of Entomology and Forestry & Natural Resources.

Lab Members

Matthew Ethington

PhD student

Geoffrey Williams

PhD student and Fred M. vanEck Scholar

Chemical ecology of bark and ambrosia beetles that attack hardwood trees

Ecology of Geosmithia morbida and microorganisms associated with Thousand Cankers Disease

Scott Gula

PhD Student

Kelsey Tobin

PhD Student

Ambrosia beetle-fungal interactions

Ambrosia beetle-fungal interactions


Holly Wantuch, Post-doc (2018-2019)
Current Position: Entomologist/Eugene Field Office Coordinator Oregon Dept of Agriculture,
Plant Protection & Conservation Programs

Sarah Stack, MS 2018 (co-advised with Cliff Sadof)
Current position: Research technician, USDA-APHIS EAB Biological Rearing Laboratory, Brighton, MI.

Gabriel Hughes, PhD 2016
Current position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Ring Cardé at the University of California, Riverside.

Bridget Blood, MS 2016
Current position: PhD student with Geoff Wang in Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation at Clemson University.

Lindsay Patrick, MS 2014
Current position: Plant Disease Technician/ Diagnostician, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, New Haven, CT.

Nicole VanDerLaan, MS 2013
Current position: Quality Assurance Specialist, Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Indianapolis, IN.

Alex Murphy, PhD 2011 (co-advised with Christian Krupke)
Current position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Crop and Soil Science Department, Oregon State University

Matt Paschen, MS 2011
Current position: Farmer, Paschen Farms, Inc., Twelve Mile, IN.

Annie Spikes, MS 2009
Current position: Assistant Entomologist of the Bayer ScienceCrop Insectarium, North Carolina Museum of Life and Science. Raleigh, NC.