Dr. Grzegorz 'Grzesiek' Buczkowski

Research in Dr. Grzegorz "Grzesiek" Buczkowski's laboratory focuses on the ecology, behavior, and genetics of ants, with emphasis on urban and invasive pest species. Ants are the dominant members of terrestrial ecosystems and perform a wide variety of critical ecological functions. Because of their wide distribution, enormous diversity, and a wide range of complex social behaviors ants present an excellent model system for basic research in entomology. Some ants, especially introduced invasive species, are pests and offer challenging opportunities for the development of innovative strategies toward ant management.

We work at the interface of fundamental and applied entomology and strive to provide a dynamic balance between these two approaches. To accomplish our research goals we use an integrative approach, addressing questions at the molecular, biochemical, behavioral, and ecological levels. Major research interests include: (1) behavioral and chemical ecology of urban pest ants, (2) population genetics of ants using molecular genetic markers, and (3) biology and integrated management of urban pest ants, with emphasis on invasive species.