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2006 OVEA Winners

A caravan of 3 vehicles with 15 people traveled from West Lafayette to Northern Kentucky University to represent Purdue University and compete in the Ohio Valley Entomological Association (OVEA) 2006 Nineteenth Annual Forum. Twenty-three students from 6 different universities took part in the competition. Purdue gave 10 presentations and came home with 3 award winners, John Shukle, Paul Marquardt, and Thelma Heidel.

Bachelor of Science Category

  • First Place: John Shukle presented a paper entitled "mtDNA barcoding for taxonomic identification within the genus Agrilus".

Master of Science Category

  • Second Place: Paul Marquardt presented a paper entitled "Mating and dispersal behavior of the Western corn rootworm Diabrotica virgifera virgifera (LeConte) in B.t. cornfields".
  • Third Place (tie): Thelma Heidel from Purdue University presented a paper entitled "Survey of Indiana aphids and associated natural enemies at a single prairie location in Indiana".
Kudos to Jody Green, who did an outstanding job serving as President of OVEA this past year, and for organizing a very successful annual forum. A special thanks to Linda Mason who provides superb faculty leadership for our participation in OVEA, and for leading the group to Kentucky this year. Thanks also to Matt Ginzel who joined the entourage as a supportive faculty member. Once more, congratulations John, Paul, and Thelma for a job well done. For more information about the 2006 forum go to the OVEA website.
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