Graduate Spotlight

Morgan Lucke

March 2014


Christian Krupke

Expected Graduation

December 2014

EGO Officer Position

PGSG Chair

Originally From

I hate this question. I have moved a lot; 16 cities in 12 states in 3 countries. I was born in WA but don’t remember it, I graduated high school in Australia, the longest place I lived was MI for college (but I left during summer and winter breaks), the longest place I continuously lived was Germany, and my parents now live in CO (where my driver’s license is from), and I currently live in IN. Your choice.

Future Career Plans

I know I want to be involved in education and research but I don’t know exactly what that will look like.

Area of Research

Field Crops.

Summary of Research

When most people think of pollinators, they think of only honeybees. However, I am interested in native bees that are generally smaller than honeybees and are primarily solitary. My project consists of two parts: First, I am interested in which bees, and pollinators in general, are located in agriculture fields, including cover crops, corn, and alfalfa. The second part of my project focuses on the influence of neonicotinoids, a class of insecticide, on select groups of bees during corn planting.

How You Got Into Entomology

Growing up, I hated insects, I wanted nothing to do with them. As an undergrad at Michigan State University, I was forced to take entomology in order to graduate (I was almost in tears I didn’t want to take it). Two weeks into the course and I knew I wanted to be involved with entomology for the rest of my life.

Favorite Insect and Why

My favorite insect is a clear-winged hawk moth. If you have seen one, you would understand why.


A few things I enjoy: growing, cooking, and eating food, my cat Syriaca, being outside, and being social.

Favorite Cookie Flavor

I like all cookies unless they contain coffee. I despise coffee.

Favorite Movie

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Favorite Book

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Place I Would LIke to Visit in the Future

Israel, Chile, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Iceland, India, Egypt, Alaska, Antarctica … really any place I haven’t been already except Costa Rica and Australia. I would go back to either place in a heartbeat.

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