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Education's Super Saturday program offered to gifted and talented kids

Purdue News
November 30, 2007

Super Saturday is a popular enrichment program designed to meet the needs of academically, creatively, and artistically gifted students from age four (pre-kindergarten) through eighth grade.

The program offers an ever-changing variety of courses in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, visual and performing arts, and original interdisciplinary studies.
The Spring 2008 Super Saturday program will run Jan. 26-March 1.

Registration deadline is Jan. 11.

Science on Six Legs
Insects and humans are the most successful animals on the earth. Learn about the science of entomology by studying insects, and discover how humans learn from these six-legged creatures to improve the quality of our lives! This course is offered to the 3rd - 4th grade and 5th - 6th grade divisions.

Information is available at the Super Saturday Web site.