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J. V. Osmun alumni award winner, Dr. Thomas J. Henry

By Tom Turpin
October 30, 2007

Thomas Henry accepting the J.V. Osmun award.
From left to right: Dortha Osmun, John Osmun, Thomas Henry, and Kathryn Henry

Dr. Thomas J. Henry, a world-renowned expert on Heteroptera, is the 2007 recipient of  the Department of Entomology J. V. Osmun alumni award.  Dr. Henry is the 17th recipient of the award that was established to honor longtime Entomology Department Head John Osmun.  Dr. Henry is currently a research entomologist with the USDA where he has responsibility for Heteroptera, the true bugs, in the National Collection.  A native of Logansport, IN, Dr. Henry pursued his boyhood interest in insects by studying entomology at Purdue University.  He received his BS degree in 1971.  Several family and friends of Dr. Henry were in the crowd present for the award ceremony.  When introducing Dr. Henry, Entomology Department Head, Steve Yaninek, noted that for the first time the award was being presented to a real “Bug Doctor.”