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Green menace Web site unveiled in Spanish

Ag Communications
By Jennifer Stewart
June 15, 2007

EAB Adult

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - An informational Web site on the emerald ash borer has been translated into Spanish.

"Invasive species know no cultural boundaries, and they have no language preference," said Jodie Ellis, a Purdue University entomologist who worked with fellow entomologist Cliff Sadof to make Purdue's entire emerald ash borer (EAB) Web site available in Spanish.

"This is the most comprehensive site of its kind," Ellis said. "Everyone needs to be aware of emerald ash borer, and now it's easier for those whose first language is Spanish."

Part of the motivation behind the site stems from the large number of Spanish-speaking professionals in landscaping, lawn care and other green businesses where emerald ash borer (EAB) could be detected.

"There was a real push from the green industry for us to publish the site in Spanish so these professionals would have a place to go for this essential information," Ellis said. "We want to make sure that we are providing the information they need to recognize and manage EAB infestations and who they should contact if they think they have found the insect when working."

Aside from identification information, the site also includes the biology and life cycles of emerald ash borer, information on identifying ash trees, treatment options, quarantine information and ways to slow the insect's spread.

The new Spanish site can be found at www.entm.purdue.edu/EAB/espanol/, and the English version is available online at www.entm.purdue.edu/EAB/.

Questions regarding emerald ash borer and possible finds should be directed to Ellis at (765) 494-0822, ellisj@purdue.edu, or to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources at 1-866-NO EXOTIC.

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Source: Jodie Ellis, (765) 494-0822, ellisj@purdue.edu

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