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Top Ten Best Management Practices for Invasive Species

Invasive Plants in Indiana:
Pretty... Awful!

Reporting Invasive Species

Report IN is a fast and easy way for you to report invasive species in Indiana. There are two ways to report – by computer and by smartphone. All reports will go to the appropriate organization for verification. To report by computer, go to www.EDDMapS.org/indiana and create a profile, then click Report Sightings and fill out the form.

To report by smartphone, download the Great Lakes Early Detection Network (GLEDN) app by CLICKING HERE. This app is created and maintained by EDDMapS.org and the same EDDMapS profile can be used for both computer and smartphone reports.
How to ReportIN on the Website
How to ReportIN on your smartphone
Program Powerpoints
Forest Pest Survey Outreach Program


Other ways to report:

Click to report suspected finds of invasive species