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Top Ten Best Management Practices for Invasive Species

Invasive Plants in Indiana:
Pretty... Awful!

Invasive Plants

Invasive Plant Management Costs Hoosiers over $5 million in 2012

A recent survey conducted by the Invasive Plant Advisory Committee found that land owners and managers in Indiana spent $5.85 million (Figure 1) in 2012 to manage invasive plants on their land. Read more.

Learn more about the Invasive Plant Advisory Committee:
Invasive Plant Advisory Committee

Learn more about the official Indiana Invasive Species Council Invasive Plant List:
Official IISC Invasive Plant List

For more information on invasive plants in Indiana

Invasive Plant Management

Cooperative Weed Management Areas

CWMAs are local organizations that bring together landowners and land managers to coordinate action and share expertise and resources to manage common weed species. Indiana has four CWMAs that cover much of the state except northeast and east central Indiana, and has some county-based cooperative weed groups as well.

(Counties outlined in brown are shared between WC and S)

Indiana Coastal CWMA
Northwest Indiana CWMA
West Central Indiana CWMA
Southern Indiana CWMA
Brown County Native Woodlands Project
Monroe County - Identify and Reduce Invasive Species

For more information on how to start a CWMA go to http://mipn.org/cwma_resources.html

Invasive Plant Removal Contractors

Download this PDF file for a list of invasive plant removal contractors in Indiana.

Tools to Manually Remove
Invasive Shrubs

Download this PDF file for a detailed summary of tools available to pull Asian bush honeysuckle or other invasive shrubs from the ground.

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