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Top Ten Best Management Practices for Invasive Species

Invasive Plants in Indiana:
Pretty... Awful!

Invasive Plant Advisory Committee

The Invasive Plant Advisory Committee (IPAC) was created in August 2010 to work on invasive plant projects that support the mission of the IISC. Ellen Jacquart was appointed as the chair, and Kris Krouse as the liaison to the IISC. At the first IPAC meeting, three priority projects were identified:

  • Creating an invasive plant list for Indiana.
  • Developing Best Management Practices (BMPs) to reduce movement of invasive species.
  • Coordinating invasive plant educational materials.

For the full list of suggested projects from this IPAC meeting, see IPAC meeting notes 9-9-10. Two of these projects, the invasive plant list and BMP project, have moved forward and information on them can be found at these sites:

Click to report suspected finds of invasive species