Invasive Plant Advisory Committee (IPAC)

The Invasive Plant Advisory Committee (IPAC) was created in August 2010 with Ellen Jacquart as chair, to work on invasive plant projects that support the mission of the IISC. Since inception, the IPAC has: 


Dawn Slack is the current chair for IPAC.  She and the IPAC team are working on the following:

  • Evaluating the IISC 3rd biennial conference that was held February 15, 2018. Survey results indicate needs for additional networking and training meetings. IPAC is working with IISC and Purdue to host follow-up meetings. 
  • Beginning the process of updating the Invasive Plant List
    • Reassessing plants on the invasive plant list ranked low or lacking information
    • Assessing new nonnative plants for invasiveness
  • Garnering support for the proposed Terrestrial Plant Rule
  • Working with Purdue to update the IISC website
  • Providing the IISC with current and emerging invasive plant issues
  • Providing updates on EDDmapS invasive plant reports
  • Keeping current on invasive plant issues through existing networks and new networks



If you would like to be included on the IPAC listserve and receive updates

    • on the proposed terrestrial plant rule,
    • on information on invasive plant species that are new to the state,
    • on information about plants that we need help monitoring or that require data to assess,
    • on invasive plant news and meetings 

       please email Dawn at


If you have questions or comments please contact Dawn at: