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Top Ten Best Management Practices for Invasive Species

Invasive Plants in Indiana:
Pretty... Awful!

IISC Council Members

IISC members (as of 5/5/2017):

*Members designated by Indiana Code 15-16-10


Council Chairman Heather Reynolds, Professor of Biology at Indiana University, representing research

*Council Secretariat Steve Yaninek, Professor of Entomology - Invasion Biology, Entomology for Purdue University

*Jeffrey Cummins, representing Indiana State Department of Agriculture

*Matthew Krausher, representing Indiana Department of Transportation

*Eric Fischer, representing Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Fish and Wildlife

Rick Haggard, Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association, representing nurseries

Kristopher Krouse, Executive Director for Shirley Heinze Land Trust, representing land trusts, conservation and/or parks and recreation organizations

*Sandy Norman, representing Indiana State Board of Animal Health

Megan Abraham, representing Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Entomology and Plant Pathology

Michael Warner, Certified Forester at ArborTerra, representing industry

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