February 27-March 3 is Invasive Species Awareness Week

As we enter Invasive Species Awareness week, it is important to remember that early detection is the best way to slow the spread of invasive species. The early detection of Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) by concerned citizens in 1996, and subsequent involvement by community members, has resulted in the containment or eradication of ALB in four states. Continued public involvement will help us protect Indiana trees in the future.

You can report invasive species by calling the Invasive Species hotline at 1-866-NO-EXOTIC (1-866-663-9684) or using the free Great Lakes Early Detection Network smartphone app, which can be downloaded on iTunes or GooglePlay. Purdue has put together a YouTube video to demonstrate how easily the app can be used to alert authorities:


If you’re interested in learning more about invasive pests and how to report them, sign up for one of our free Early Detector Training workshops!


The workshops will be held on July 11th in Bloomington, July 12th in Aurora, and July 13th in Nashville. You’ll learn about invasive species such as the emerald ash borer, the Asian longhorned beetle, thousand cankers disease, and the hemlock wooly adelgid, their hosts, and how to use the Great Lakes Early Detection Network app to report them.

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