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december 23, 2015

Dates & Deadlines

Registration for Summer classes begins Feb. 1 

The Office of the Provost is moving registration for summer classes to Feb. 1 to allow more time for student planning. Students will be able to begin registration as early as 8 a.m. Feb. 1, beginning with priority registration groups. Registration by classification will continue in the following four weeks according to the posted online schedule.

Each weekly time ticket group starts at 8 a.m. on Monday and releases permissions in increments of 20 minutes. Each student's registration pin is the same as the one used for spring 2016 registration. Open registration for all registration groups will start at 8 a.m. March 7.


candidate deadlines for graduate students

Sunday, January 10th: Plan of Study Deadline. The plan of study must be submitted by the student, signed by all advisory committee members and all appropriate departmental staff, and awaiting only Graduate School processing by 11:59 p.m. on this date for the student to be eligible for candidacy for Spring 2016. (NOTE: This deadline does not apply to change requests; students may request changes to their approved plans up until the degree is cleared.)


 Wednesday, February 17th: Deadline to Declare Candidacy


Friday, March 4th: Final Exam/Deposit Deadline for Exam or Degree Only (CAND 99200/99300) Registrants


Friday, April 22nd: Final Exam Deadline for General Candidacy (CAND 99100) Registrants


 Friday, April 29th: Thesis Deposit Deadline for General Candidacy (CAND 99100) Registrants


Friday, May 13th, 4:00 p.m. ET: Graduate School Commencement (All Schools and Colleges)


Doctoral candidates must have passed the preliminary examination by May 9th, 2015, to be eligible for Spring 2016 graduation. All of the deadlines for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2016 are now available on the Graduation Deadlines Calendar webpage.


Students who miss any of the deadlines in red may incur a $200 Late Graduation Deadline Fee if they would like to maintain their candidate status for Spring 2016. Candidates who request to make updates to an already deposited thesis or dissertation or who have been listed on the Graduate School’s candidate roster for the same degree more than two consecutive sessions may also incur this fee.


News & Events for Undergrads

Coa spring 2016 Career Fair

The Spring 2016 CoA Career Fair will take place February 10, 2016 in the Cordova Recreational Sprots Center, featuring 100+ companies. Please see the flyer for more information.  

summer stay scholars opportunity available

The www.purdue.edu/summerstay website is now live, including an FAQ page.  The application will be available on January 8, 2016. If you are chosen for Summer Stay Scholars, you will receive a scholarship to cover your tuition and fees for up to nine on-campus credit hours for the summer.


Visit this page to see if you qualify.

woodrow wilson teaching fellowship

This prestigious fellowship offers a generous stipend ($30,000-32,000) toward completion of a master's degree program at a Woodrow Wilson partner institution in Georgia, Indiana, or New Jersey. Fellows undergo a year-long clinical experience in a high-need school, along with rigorous subject matter courses, then commit to teach for three years in urban or rural secondary schools, with mentoring throughout the entire process. 


The 2016 Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship program application deadline is January 31, 2016.  For more information, please visit http://woodrow.org/teach.

News & Events for Grads

electronic Exam forms

Prelim and final examinations must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance with the graduate school via the plan of study website found on MyPurdue. If the final exam is not scheduled, you cannot graduate. This is in addition to scheduling the exam with Dr. Yaninek. Please see the applicable checklist at  https://ag.purdue.edu/entm/Pages/grad-forms.aspx for more information.

Register for spring 2016!

Registration is open for spring 2016. Add research hours and any courses as soon as possible – courses with low enrollment could be removed! Candidates for graduation Spring 2016 must also add candidacy to their schedules.

Questions about your tuition waiver?

Contact Lori in the business office with any questions about tuition invoices from the bursar’s office.


General Announcements

graduating Spring 2016?

If you are planning on graduating Spring 2016, please make sure that Candidacy (CAND 991) is on your schedule. If it is not yet added, you will need an override. Contact Amanda with questions.


Scholarships & Awards

Entomology Scholarship application now  available

The Department of Entomology Department Scholarship online applications open is OPEN!


Please visit https://ag.purdue.edu/entm/Lists/Scholarship/All%20Applications.aspx (it will say “access denied” but you just have to sign in) and sign in using your career account on the bottom right corner of the page (very small print).


Please make sure to update your application if you have submitted one previously, and save an updated resume to your application in the format “Lastname,Firstname2016”


Deadline to apply is FEBRUARY 1, 2015 . LOG ON AND APPLY!!!


Contact Cara or Amanda with questions.

Student award for the appreciation for the natural history of insects

Student award “Appreciation for the Natural History of Insect Pests”.

The award: $500 awarded annually to one recipient.

Who is eligible: University students regardless of their geographic location.

Due date: December 31st 2015

Selection criteria and conditions: The committee will award $500 to the student who in the given year has published the most interesting and inspiring research paper on insects which are usually regarded as pests. For details, please see: http://www.ambrosiasymbiosis.org/award/

 the college drug awareness scholarship available

The College Drug Awareness Scholarship is now available for any student. For eligibility, deadlines, and details please  visit http://www.collegedrugawareness.org/collegedrugawareness.html


turner pest control scholarship

Turner Pest Control in Jacksonville, Florida is offering a $1,500 scholarship which will be awarded to a student who is enrolled in any university, college, or trade program. The students do not have to be studying entomology or pest management. Information about the scholarship may be found here: http://www.turnerpest.com/scholarship/pest-control-scholarship/. The application deadline is in May 1, 2016. 

Study Abroad

Study abroad in cuba 2016

Faculty from the departments of Entomology, Horticulture and Ag Economics will lead a study aboard trip to Cuba next year over spring break. Students can learn more about this program next week at the College of Agriculture Study Abroad Fair on September 29th on the lawn in front of the AGAD building from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.

Please see the flyer and itinerary for more information

Cuba Spring 2016

Purdue Ag in Cuba March 2016 Itinerary 2015 09 22   

study abroad is calling you!

YOUR Space is Still Available! Apply online to STUDY ABROAD Today!


Spring Break Course available in: Colombia


Short-term Summer Courses are available in:  British Columbia, Colombia, Costa Rica, England, Ireland, Italy, Romania, The Netherlands & Belgium, Zambia


Summer Long (8 week) Courses are available in: Brazil, France, Germany, New Zealand, Taiwan


Mark your calendar for the Agriculture Study Abroad Fair:

Wednesday, January 26, 2016 * 9:30 am – 1:30 pm * Lilly Lobby


Scholarships Available:

Graduating Seniors can still receive the scholarship the summer after graduating

Semester = $3000
6 weeks & 6 credits = $2000

Anything Less = $1000


For more information contact:

International Programs in Agriculture

Room 26 AGAD



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